My Dear Sister/Brother in the Lord:

How far and how long can we run and hide from the pain? This had been the constant in my very being. After 37 years,I finally came clean in confession.I was told to pray about attending a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat. I was full of fear and shame at the thought, but at the same time a ray of hope began to flicker within.

During the retreat, I was surrounded by very loving and understanding people. I’d never experienced such support. There came a moment during the retreat that I was able to lay down my shame and fully embrace Gods mercy and forgiveness.

For the first time in over 37 years I could breathe without the pain that had been in my heart with every breath I took.

I could breathe!

Now that the barrier that had kept me from receiving God’s love and forgiveness had been shattered, I was free. Free to love and to be loved. Free to forgive and to receive forgiveness. What a gift!

My prayer for you is that during this retreat you too will be able to accept God’s love and tender mercy. He forgives — open your heart and soul to receive his forgiveness and the tremendous love that He has for each and every one of us.

I pray that as you leave this retreat, you leave having been made whole again.

Love in Christ,


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