Rachel’s Vineyard’s Post-abortion ministry helps couples like Rosemary and Joey Medeiros heal…

Rachel’s Vineyard’s Post-abortion ministry helps couples like Rosemary and Joey Medeiros heal… On a trip to Mexico, her parents’ homeland, Rosemary Medeiros was visiting a chapel for adoration when she heard a voice say, “I have forgiven you; now forgive yourself.” “I walked out shocked,” she said. “I knew in my heart it was the […]

By His Wounds, We are Healed

Every human being is wounded.  Some of us are wounded by sins committed against us — injustices, abuse, violations of our human rights and/or our dignity as children of God.  Some of our wounds are self-inflicted — wounds that stem from our own pride, anger, lust, envy, etc.  There may be times when we feel […]

A Safe Place to Grieve

Why should a woman (or man) who has been involved in an abortion make a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat?  One reason is that, when there is a death, there is a need to grieve the loss of that person who is no longer in our lives.  With every abortion, there is a death (sometimes, there are […]

Powerful Testimony about Wounds of Abortion and Healing through Rachel’s Vineyard

On January 27, 2015, Fr. Ben Cameron was the guest on “The Inner Life” radio program on Relevant Radio.  During that interview, a woman called in with a powerful testimony regarding the pain that she experienced following her abortion, and the incredible healing that she has experienced through making a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.  We invite […]

Depression at Christmas

For many people, the joyous season of Christmas is NOT a time of joy.  For them, it is a time of depression and sorrow. Why would such a joyful time as the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ be a time of depression and sorrow?  For some, it is because they are estranged […]

A Woman’s Testimony to Healing After Abortion

On October 28th, Fr. Ben Cameron was on “The Inner Life” radio show on Relevant Radio; the subject was “Healing and Holiness After Abortion.”  We would encourage everyone to listen to this short segment with an anonymous woman from Texas giving her testimony to healing:

Why Rachel’s Vineyard Works: Love

When we ask the question, “why does Rachel’s Vineyard work for the healing of the wounds of abortion?” the answer comes down to one word:  Love.  Unlike our broken world, which all too often equivocates the word love (“I love Mom” “I love ice cream” “I love God”, etc.), we do know that the word […]