When we ask the question, “why does Rachel’s Vineyard work for the healing of the wounds of abortion?” the answer comes down to one word:  Love.  Unlike our broken world, which all too often equivocates the word love (“I love Mom” “I love ice cream” “I love God”, etc.), we do know that the word “Love” has a real and definite meaning:  To Love is to Desire and Will what is Good for the other person.

Every member of the Rachel’s Vineyard team is there because of Love.  We desire, with all of our hearts, to help each retreatant to come to experience a great Good — the Good of Healing.  The Good of Reconciliation — with Almighty God who created each of us in Love, who redeemed each of us in Love, and who desires that we be Whole again.  Every member of the retreat team has Experienced the Healing Love and Mercy of God in our lives, and we wish/desire/will to help bring that Love and Mercy of God, that Healing that God alone can give, to those who are hurting.  Love is our motivation.

Some of you might find this hard to believe.  You might think:  “How can you love me?  You don’t know me!  How can you love me when I’ve had an abortion?”  Jesus Christ died on the Cross out of Love for You and for Me.  Having experienced Love, it is only natural (or supernatural) that I should want to share that Love with you.  Know, I don’t know you yet, but I do love you, and I want to see that beautiful person who God created you to be come forth, like a flower from the earth.  Do you want to be free?  Do you wish to blossom and be free of the prison of your past and of your self-hatred?  Then join us for a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat!  Come and Experience the Love and Mercy of the Lord Jesus, and of the retreat team which is here to accompany you on your journey to healing and wholeness!

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