Dear Michelle:

31 years.  How do I write a letter to a child I killed and abandoned.  A life I discarded and forgot for 31 years?

With God’s Help.

Our Lord has sent us on a 31 year journey which has lead us here to Rachel’s Vineyard.  We did not know the Lord’s reason for bringing us here this weekend.  We were not sure what to expect, but our Lord knew we had a pain in our soul we needed to heal, and a part of our life we needed to find.

As a parent expects their child to say “I’m sorry” when they do something wrong, you have been waiting 31 years for me to say, “I’m sorry Michelle.  I denied you your life on earth and to grow up with your brother and sister.  I know what we did was wrong, and I am sorry it took this long to say I’m sorry.”

I believe that you are with Jesus, and you have no better teacher of forgiveness, and you have been waiting patiently for our journey to bring us here.

I pray that you have heard me.  I pray for your forgiveness.  I pray that I can be a good father to you and talk to you through prayer from now on.  I pray that you will be my patron Saint and watch over me.  I pray for all the women and men who are going or will be going through what we did.

Finally, I pray you will continue to wait patiently for the day our Lord calls me to our reunion when I will finally be able to hold you in my arms.



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