A Safe Place to Grieve

Why should a woman (or man) who has been involved in an abortion make a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat?  One reason is that, when there is a death, there is a need to grieve the loss of that person who is no longer in our lives.  With every abortion, there is a death (sometimes, there are […]

Abortion Hurts Women and Men

ABORTION HURTS WOMEN AND MEN (by Debbie Ward) This article was originally published in the Western Kentucky Catholic The title of this writing was chosen by Sara Jane (not her real name) who wrote the following testimony of her abortion and her experience of God’s mercy and healing . She shared with me that she […]

What People Don’t Know: C’s story of healing

What People Don’t Know This story was originally published in the Western Kentucky Catholic You never know what someone is going through, whether they are your coworkers, friends, or family unless they tell you. Well, with most traumatic events, they are not going to tell you. So always be careful what you say and do […]

Michele’s story of hope and healing after abortion

Michele’s story Shortly after my conversion to acceptance of the Christian faith, the Lord put me into a situation with a Catholic friend who asserted that women who got pregnant did so out of carelessness. The correct use of birth control would prevent unwanted pregnancies. Outraged by her claims, and still ardently pro-choice, I hotly […]

Powerful Testimony about Wounds of Abortion and Healing through Rachel’s Vineyard

On January 27, 2015, Fr. Ben Cameron was the guest on “The Inner Life” radio program on Relevant Radio.  During that interview, a woman called in with a powerful testimony regarding the pain that she experienced following her abortion, and the incredible healing that she has experienced through making a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.  We invite […]