Can Men go on a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat?

Yes. After abortion, men often struggle with a sense of powerlessness, of feeling they failed to protect both mother and child-perhaps abandoning the mother, or threatening to leave her if she did not abort. Others have been prevented from stopping an abortion they did not want. This can lead to a deep anger and resentment that needs to finds a voice, and be healed. Other men never acknowledged the humanity of their unborn, told the mother “its your decision (a form of abandonment) and can later struggle with deep grief, regret and loss as they come to terms more honestly with their role in the abortion experience. Men who are involved with abortion need to find healing of the wounds abortion leaves on the male heart and soul. Many men have attended the Rachel’s Vineyard weekend and have found deep emotional and spiritual healing.

Men are most welcome to attend the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat.