What if I can’t forgive myself for my abortion?

Fr. Ben Cameron, who is the Site Leader for Rachel’s Vineyard post-abortion healing retreats in Western Kentucky, was recently asked:  “what about people who just can’t forgive themselves for their past abortion(s)?”  He shares with us about the need for Emotional Healing, and how Rachel’s Vineyard retreats are so effective for this emotional healing: If […]

Beautiful Testimony to Healing

Dear Ones, I address you broadly as a friend…..whether you are young, old, male or female. We are united in our experience with abortion. My prayer for all of us is to be united in healing. Like you, I suffered in the aftermath of the abortion I had. My sorrow and guilt followed me everywhere. […]

Planned Parenthood Videos: Positive for those suffering from Abortion?

With all the recent news of the undercover videos in which a number of Planned Parenthood officials and medical personnel were captured on tape talking about selling body parts from unborn, aborted babies, we might ask:  “How does this affect women who have had abortions?  Is there some positive effects that can happen for post-abortive […]

Can God Forgive Abortion?

Fr. Ben Cameron was asked the question:  “Can God forgive abortion?” in a radio interview recently.  His response:  Absolutely!!  Listen as he explains why and how God, not only can, but wants for forgive and heal us from abortion: If you, or someone you love, has been wounded by abortion, we invite you to join […]

The Massive Shockwaves of Abortion

Abortion affects millions of people in the United States, and hundreds of millions of people around the world.  It’s not only the women who have had abortions, but the fathers, grandparents, and siblings of those who have had abortions are affected. Fr. Ben Cameron speaks of these “shockwaves of abortion.”  Have you been touched by […]

Book Review of “Forbidden Grief”

The following book review of Dr. Theresa Burke’s book Forbidden Grief:  The Unspoken Pain of Abortion is from the website “Good Reads.”  I think that it is a very good review of a very important book about the need for healing the wounds of abortion. Oct 28, 2013Kathryn rated it 4 of 5 stars Grief […]

A Safe Place to Grieve

Why should a woman (or man) who has been involved in an abortion make a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat?  One reason is that, when there is a death, there is a need to grieve the loss of that person who is no longer in our lives.  With every abortion, there is a death (sometimes, there are […]